My name is Ian and I created as a way of combining my interest in literature, computers, social networking and statistics.

Lots of people have asked where the meme concept comes from. Richard Dawkins is the answer but indirectly. I came up with the idea of watching what people were reading on the London Underground, linked that to memes which are ideas that seem to transmit virally through society and then put the two together.

Brief CV

I work as a web developer with a media data company based in Covent Garden in Central London. The work involves maintenance of a wide range of commercial sites based on PHP (Zend Framework) and Coldfusion with plenty of Javascript work using  jQuery, YUI and other libraries. I also work with Microsoft SQL Server and mySQL databases.

Project management is done inside a more or less Agile framework.

I worked as System Administrator, DBA and IT Support at the Disabled Living Foundation until 2003 and was responsible for project managing the installation of the new server room and the phone system upgrade there. I’m very proud of the email server I built there to filter out the enormous number of spam and virus laden emails that were received every day. I started the project as a volunteer and finished it as a member of staff.

Personal Projects

Other technologies I use outside work include NoSql database CouchDb and ElasticSearch, both of which are cool tools. I know my way round WordPress pretty well and have written a number of plugins.

I set up a content management system for Ealing Mencap a few years ago and have recently upgraded writer Peter Grogan’s website to a blog.

On Twitter I work as part of the core team running and organising FridayReads every week. My most visible role is to compile the ‘Most Read’ list from all the books listed by the participants. In the background we are always discussing ways to make FridayReads even better! I work with Bethanne Patrick (@thebookmaven), Erin Mitchell (@erinfaye), Rebecca Schinsky (@bookladysblog), Lisa Adams (@adamslisa) and a host of other people you will see mentioned on the site.


Books, obviously. Science and technology. Popular science writing. Cooking, I love baking, making bread and I’m an excellent cook 😉 I’ve always loved gardening and whenever time allows I’ll be out there.

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