The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum

If you’re a Bourne fan, as I am, then you’ll likely be more familiar with the films than the books. There are so many differences that you can safely watch the films without more than a hint of annoyance about some of the decisions.

Essentially the plot of the three films is taken from this book. I reckon a quick flick through was done, a few notes made and the film scripts written. Good though they are the books have more depth and an awful lot of plot and excitement.

Robert Ludlum’s novels tend to fall into a similar routine of exposition followed by action and The Bourne Identity is no exception. That said this is a very good story and I really enjoyed it. In fact I enjoyed it more than the films because we actually discover that Jason Bourne actually has friends and find a true companion in Marie.

Exciting, fast paced, gripping and a good read.

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