The Potter Pensieve: Trivial Delights from the World of Harry Potter

This is a very handy book if you want (nearly) all of the Harry Potter facts together. There are useful lists of characters and locations along with facts about the author.

Karen Farrington is an American journalist who is obviously a Potter fan and she has taken a lot of care with her co-writer to produce an interesting book. It’s more of a dip-in and read a snippet or two kind of book than anything more serious. The style is journalistic but that makes it a very readable book.

Most of the facts are correct but the speed of light is an awful lot faster than the one given in the magic/science section. There is also the little fact missed out about the name of the Pensieve as ‘pen’ in Cornish means ‘head’ so the name is apt on many levels.

I really enjoyed this though and was given it as a gift by my youngest son who knows what an ardent fan I am. An ideal gift for a Harry Potter fan.

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