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Reading is vital to us all and FridayReads celebrates that. This rapidly growing internet meme is spreading to non-english speaking countries and is establishing itself as a perfect way to celebrate all the good things that reading brings. If it’s Friday and you have a Twitter account then tweet what you’re reading with the #fridayreads hashtag. It doesn’t have to be a new book and it can be whatever you have to hand, even the newspaper.

The #FridayReads phenomenon was started by Bethanne Patrick (@thebookmaven) as a fun way of celebrating reading. It’s a great way to find out what books other people are in to and possibly choose books for you to add to your reading list.

Anyone with a Twitter account can join in but it has been known for some people to tweet what their mum or gran is reading. It’s all about enjoying, and celebrating, reading.

If you’re logged in to Twitter just use the form below and add the title of your current book (a new window/tab will open so you can finish reading this article)

… add the book title.

The #FridayReads data is maintained by @thebookmaven on The Book Studio website. Prizes are awarded when targets are reached.

If you have a smartphone then here are some instructions in QR code form. Just point your barcode reader at the image and read the text, it’s a bit of fun really :)

Scan this with your smartphone

QR Code instructions for #FridayReads

Some notable supporters of #FridayReads include @erinfaye and @shelfmagazine but there are many others including @Joe_Hill who picked up the meme and told lots of people about it.

@erinfaye has also produced a brilliant #fridayreads FAQ that you can take a look at. This now features top lists of the books that appear in FridayReads. Compiled by me.

Join us this Friday and every Friday, we look forward to seeing your name listed and whatever you are reading.

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  1. I like to include a link to my review of the most recent read, too. Hoping others start doing that more – I love seeing what everyone is reading, but I’d really like to see reviews too, because they’re so helpful in deciding what to pick next.

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