Why #FridayReads is such a cool idea.

If you can read then you have the potential to escape into other worlds, to teach yourself new things and to gain new insights into the world around you.

Looking around the tube train carriage on the way to and from work I often see about half of the passengers reading something. Magazines, books, documents and so on. It’s like a vast travelling library.

FridayReads is another great way to get an insight into what everybody is reading at the moment. Not just those near to you but from all over the world. I think that makes it a very cool thing to be involved in.

Here are just a few reasons for the coolness:

  • The list of books is gathered globally. As soon as Friday starts in Australia and New Zealand. Tonga is one of the closest places to the International Date Line – See Tonga Time
  • Anyone can join in. It doesn’t matter what you are reading, or listening to in the case of #FridayListens.
  • Sharing what we are reading provides great real time feedback for authors and publishers.
  • We’re not looking at sales of books we are seeing the actual books that people are reading. This is different to the live best sellers lists you see on Amazon or other book sites.
  • You get to meet many people who love reading and literature as much as you do. I’ve met many lovely people on Twitter and look forward to meeting many more. You don’t have to be enjoying what you are reading to join in!
  • Many people participate for the fun of #FridayReads and many join in because there are regular giveaways. Some are the official, organised by Bethanne Patrick (@thebookmaven) and there are many others from publishers, publicists and authors chipping in and offering free eBooks.

FridayReads participation is huge. There are over 5000 people take place each week and over time our participation is – easily – over 25,000 people (I promise to work that figure out one day). You can join in on Facebook or Twitter by using the #FridayReads hashtag. Avid audio book fans can use the #FridayListens hashtag.

The official FridayReads website is now live (17th June 2011) Check it out at fridayreads.com and it is maintained by @erinfaye

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6 thoughts on “Why #FridayReads is such a cool idea.

  1. Friday Reads is one of the best things about Twitter. It’s like being in a really huge room filled with readers, all of them telling you which book you should (or shouldn’t) read next. The head spins with recommendations and reading wish lists get filled every time I visit the FR hashtag.

  2. I see the hashtag on twitter all the time, and it’s about time I saw a blog post on it to really drive home what it does and where it comes from. There probably is something somewhere, but it was cool to finally have FOUND one: yours.

    Thanks for the info. great blog too, btw.

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