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Why should I take part?
We take reading and literacy for granted. But the reason we can do so is that over the past two centuries or more there have been some hard fought campaigns to make reading an essential part of our education. [1] [2] The ability to read allows the uneducated to teach themselves, it allows us to learn about and appreciate other cultures and ways of life. We can visit alternate realities and discover some of the secrets of life. Emancipation is the key word, this is why reading needs to be taught and encouraged.

Taking part in FridayReads is, in part, an acknowledgement of the fact that reading is such an important part of life and has been recognised as such for some considerable time. However, it is not only essential but it is often fun and that is a huge part of FridayReads too.

FridayReads LogoWhere does it happen?
You can find FridayReads on Twitter, just got to Twitter search and search for #FridayReads. You will need a Twitter account to join in. If you don’t want or have a Twitter account but are on Facebook you can go the the FridayReads Page and join in there.

What’s my incentive?
You need an incentive?  Well, if you really need it then you should know that taking part in FridayReads makes you eligible for some amazing, book related, prizes and giveaways. This can include signed copies of books and it has been known for people to win chocolate, which is often vital when reading Romance novels.

What counts?
Anything that you read but most people submit the books they are reading. Your children’s bedtime stories count too and it is great to see children’s titles appearing on the list. There are always classics on the list and the range of titles and genres is enormous. Magazines, manuscripts, ebooks. In fact anything that is written down. If you’re listening then yo can use the #FridayListens tag on Twitter instead. The Book at Bedtime slot on BBC Radio4  would count for this for example.

You can keep up to date with #FridayReads on Twitter or Facebook by asking us questions and generally joining in the fun. Look forward to seeing you there and maybe congratulating you in winning a prize!

Two facts for the price of one:
Dick Whittington was a real person, he lived from 1354-1423 and was a rich merchant and politician.

In his will Whittington set aside money for the creation of a library.  Another fine example of seeing the value of the collected knowledge that is accessible through reading. I only mention this because at the time of writing there is huge pressure to close or reduce funding to libraries in both the UK and US.

The Whittington Charity still exists today. Nearly 600 years after his death.

OK, it was three facts.

FridayReads was created by Bethanne Patrick @thebookmaven

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    • Thanks Lisa! Here are the details for anyone who would like to give this handy app a spin.

      The app link is It’s a great tool to have on your phone.

      Please note that the app is currently under development so do let us know of any issues when using it. Android users may have to change some settings related to installing apps that are not from the Android Marketplace.

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