Spread the #FridayReads Love: Valentine’s Day Special Treat

FridayReads - Modern Love Anthology

FridayReads - Modern Love Anthology

As a special treat for all you dedicated FridayReads people we are being treated to a FridayReads Modern Love Anthology for Book Lovers created for us by Margaret Brown (@shelfmagazine) of Shelf Unbound Magazine. She and her designer have been working like crazy to get this ready in time for this week’s #FridayReads. There is a foreword from Bethanne Patrick (@thebookmaven) ceator of #FridayReads.

Inside you will be treated to some great examples of modern writing. Take a look now and then Share the FridayReads Love with your friends and family.

The guys at Zinio (@zinio) have been working with Margaret to produce an online, shareable version of the anthology.

Here are the Zinio links:

View the FridayReads Modern Love Anthology Online at Zinio.com or you can download the Offline version from Zinio too. If you’re a iPad owner/user (lucky you) there is a Zinio app you can use to read stuff from their website: zinio.com/ipad

A very special thanks go to Jason Desmarais at Zinio who went the extra mile and made this work for us and you too!

You can download a PDF of the anthology from this link if you wish: FridayReads-Modern_Love.pdf (You will need a PDF viewer to see it)

Happy Reading and do, please, share your #FridayReads on Twitter or Facebook. Do tell your friends and followers and get them involved too!

Do let us know what you think!

One thought on “Spread the #FridayReads Love: Valentine’s Day Special Treat

  1. Sweeet. Just one more reason to love #fridayreads — besides the easy booksharing, literary camaraderie, and hot title trending.
    Thanks to Bethanne, Margaret, Shelf Unbound, and Zinio for ModernLove.
    Happy Valentine’s Weekend!
    I heart #fridayreads : )

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