What makes libraries so important?

There is a growing #savelibraries campaign on Twitter. Why?
Recent political decisions in both the USA and the UK have put libraries under threat of closure through withdrawal of public funds. From a fundamental view of knowledge sharing and education this seems entirely wrong.

The obvious reason is that the accountants and politicians in their wisdom have decided that the cost of staffing libraries and maintaining the buildings does not produce a sufficient ‘return’. 

The world is going through an economic slump at present and it seems short sighted to reduce the level of education of the population. Libraries are a social centre where people go to explore new knowledge and deepen their existing understanding of subjects.

The issue of saving libraries is about far more than buildings full of books, it is affects society as a whole. Losing a single library devalues a community, to lose them more widely affects a whole nation.

One thought on “What makes libraries so important?

  1. Sue Edgar says:

    The impact will be far reaching for sure. By attacking front line services the pain is harsh…and in many cases not necessary. Playing games for political gain is not what we expect ( but then do we given our representatives conduct over the last few years) And… Google is not the answer! My experience of public library work many years ago was in a deprived area where unemployment was extremely high ( sounds familiar? ) and I more or less was a child minder, counsellor and advisor. Despite the metal shutters the library was beacon of light in what was an almost derelict no-go area. Don’t de-value the role that libraries play nor the role that each and every library worker performs day in, day out!

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