I Love Reading

I Love Reading

To many people there is this thing called the ’30 day book meme’ which is a kind of survey where you write a blog entry in answer to each of the questions.
An example of one is here http://ohemgillie.wordpress.com/2011/04/30/30-day-book-meme-day-30/ and you can see each of the days has been filled out by @OhEmGillie. There are many, many examples of this over the web and it’s rather popular.

I can see the appeal as it is a great way of talking about what you love; Books, reading and literature.

The concept of a Meme first appeared in Richard Dawkins’ book The Selfish Gene. Quoting from WikiPedia:

The book also coins the term meme for a unit of human cultural evolution analogous to the gene, suggesting that such “selfish” replication may also model human culture, in a different sense. Memetics has become the subject of many studies since the publication of the book.

There are other book and literature related memes around, here are some I found:

I notice a feature of these memes is that some of them involve ‘tagging’ which seems an ideal thing for Twitter. Not used much in that way though.

Do you do or have you ever joined in a ‘book meme’? If so tell us about your favourite one here, make sure you include a link in the comment so it can be found.

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3 Responses to “So what is the “30 Day Book Meme”?”

  1. Read this bookmeme.net post – So what is the "30 Day Book Meme"? http://bit.ly/kY271w #reading #blogs #blogjuly

  2. Very interesting stuff here. Wondering how to best use. RT @bookmeme: New post: So what is the "30 Day Book Meme"? – http://bit.ly/mu2sPB

  3. So what is the “30 Day Book Meme”? http://t.co/ZQ1Pfjn via @AddThis with thanks owing to @bookmeme

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