Anthony Horowitz at the Cottesloe Theatre 23rd June 2010

Thanks to a Twitter tip off from Walker Books UK (@WalkerBooksUK) I discovered that author Anthony Horowitz was going to be interviewed on the Royal National Theatre’s Cottesloe stage. The set was rather a mess and it took a second or two to work out that it was the stage set for Spring Storm an early Tennessee Williams play which is on at the moment.

My eldest son is a great fan of Anthony Horowitz and is building up a collection, currently working his way through the Alex Rider stories. There weren’t that many tickets left when I booked but I got one for my son and we invited his friend Ollie along too.

Treats were in store. Emma Forbes was the interviewer on this occasion and ¬†we were treated to a great interview. Subjects ranged from Anthony Horowitz’s early life to his latest book. There were lots of laughs and at the end the audience got to ask questions.

Some of the things we learned…

  • Many of the characters in the books are taken from Anthony Horowitz’s life.
  • Anyone who has upset Mr H will probably meet a sticky end – on paper at least.
  • His father was a rather mysterious man who died when Horowitz was 23.
  • His mother used to tell him horror stories from the age of about six.
  • All the locations in the books are researched by visiting them, with the exception of the Moon.
  • He went to Rugby public school.

We were treated to a reading from Scorpio Rising the next in the Alex Rider series. A rather disturbing passage which will make your skin crawl, but no spoilers here.

There was a book signing afterwards and my son swore that he would never again wash the T-shirt he was wearing because he’d rubbed shoulders with Anthony Horowitz when I took their picture.

Thanks again to Walker Books not only for the tip but for having published approximately half the books my children read!

I’ll be on the look out for more author events like this one.