Labour Party CLP Delegate Checker

In Brief: The form below helps you calculate the number of delegates you can send to conference.

There seems to be some confusion over how many delegates can be sent to the Labour Party conference by each CLP I’ve created a simple to use form to allow anyone to check how many may be sent.

I’ve based this on an article on The Skwawkbox blog detailing the efforts of the Right Wing (Blairite, Progress and others) to subvert the processes of the Labour Party and prevent the grassroots members having their say.

Here’s the link to the Skwawkbox article. Opens in new tab.

Simply enter the number of members in your CLP and answer two questions.

Total CLP Membership:

CLP Delegate Calculator
Tick if there are 30 or more young members (u-25).
Tick if there are 100 or more female members.

Your CLP can send delegates to conference.

This software comes without any warranties so use it at your own risk. If, however you have suggestions for improvements then please let me know.

Widget created by: Ian Lewis